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Skills are important in life. But that skills are not teach in any schools. For teaching skills we waste lots of time because all who are teaching skills are away from our home. Hence all who are wishing learn skills will learn through online medium. Ashiya Digi School # Learn from Home is established for boosting your skills. So anyone who is interested for boosting skills can learn through Ashiya Digi School # Learn from Home with using online medium.

Ashiya Digi School # Learn from home is an online School which is for developing skills. We can learn skills at our home because this is an online platform. Student must have fulfill the need of necessary Technology for learning. This online class is conducted in Pune.
E-learning is new option of Technology. We must have to take the advantage of this new and developed technology for boosting new skills in all of us. This option is better for developing skills in children.
We can learn various skills through E-learning classes. We not only learn skills but also making happiness in our life. We are learning Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Adults, Pastel Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Cooking, Singing, Music, Craft, Robotics, Python etc. We can save happiness with best skills.

Above skills are in everyone but the proper knowledge is absent. Only need develop all those skills. We are developing our skills through Ashiya Digi School# Learn From Home. After completing course we get certificate from Ashiya Digi School. Through Skills we can success in our life. Skills helps in creating our Unique Identity in the society. For being familiar with new skills and developing our skills join Asia Digi School.

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Ashiya Digi School is an educationally focused organization producing high impact events designed for anyone and everyone with energy and desire to contribute meaningfully to the growing needs of skills in the industry and emerging markets.


To enhance knowledge beyond the bonds of text books to gain a hands on approach on practical applications to feed the blowing curiosity of anyone and of every age group.

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